S.M.S.U at L.S.C. A.S in Business to B.S. in Marketing

LSC-SMSU Transfer Plan

Complete an Associate of Science degree at Lake Superior College to earn a guarantee of admission to Southwest Minnesota State University (SMSU). To save you money and time, your A.S. degree from Lake Superior College does double-duty to meet SMSU’s bachelor’s degree program prerequisites.

Steps for guaranteed admission to SMSU

  1. Apply for admission to LSC and choose one of the SMSU approved Transfer Pathway AS degrees as your major.
  2. Complete the LSC-SMSU Transfer Plan program courses from one area of emphasis. Earn a cumulative grade point average of 2.0
  3. Apply to SMSU and submit official transcripts.

Areas of Emphasis

Choose an area of emphasis and work with an LSC Academic Advisor. They’ll review your degree audit report (DARS) and your program guide with you and help you plan.