Respect and integrity are our guiding principles. Our actions are intended to benefit students and the college as a whole. Our approach to leadership is open, honest communication and mutual respect. We will provide consultative leadership by seeking advice from all constituent groups. Teamwork is essential to the overall success of the management and leadership of the college. We will lead by example.

As stewards of state resources, we are accountable to the public and many governing agencies. Our actions must pass the test of public scrutiny and meet legal requirements, and, as such, we will act in a manner that is perceived as honest and principled. We are committed to building an environment of trust, and we accept the responsibility for our decisions.

We are committed to identifying opportunities for the college while looking for alternative solutions to problems. We will cooperate with one another and promote an attitude and atmosphere that is supportive of our students, faculty, and staff.


  • Accessible and Responsive to Students
  • Accessible and Responsive to Faculty, Staff and Community
  • Alignment of Processes with Student Needs
  • Focused on Long-Term Viability
  • Clear Lines of Responsibility
  • Utilize All Managerial Capacity