The purpose and function of the AQIP Steering Committee is to monitor and provide guidance for LSC’s accreditation processes, by:

  • selecting new Action Projects
  • establishing Action Project teams
  • monitoring the progress of current Action Projects
  • providing internal feedback on LSC’s Systems Portfolio
  • reviewing and responding to Systems Appraisal Feedback Reports

The Committee holds 1-2 regularly scheduled meetings per semester, with additional meetings as necessary.  Membership is as follows:

  • Bill Majewski, Community Member
  • Theresa Hornstein, Biology Instructor (Liberal Arts and Sciences Division)
  • Sue Shelerud, Nursing Instructor (Allied Health and Nursing Division)
  • Lori Yecoshenko, Accounting Instructor (Business & Industry Division)
  • Steve Fudally, Director of Web Services
  • Janet Anderson, Administrative Specialist
  • Kent Richards, Director of Accreditation, Research, and Assessment (chair)