Financial Aid Disbursements

Financial Aid is disbursed to student accounts at the end of the add/drop period and then on Mondays and Thursdays thereafter. Financial Aid refunds are sent to our refund partner, Higher One, Inc. the day after it has been placed on the students account. Please review your account online through e-Services to determine if you still have a balance owed or if you will be receiving a refund.

All financial aid refunds are sent electronically to Higher One beginning the tenth day of the term. Make sure that you have received your LSC Plus Card and selected your refund preference prior to the financial aid disbursement. You may choose to still receive paper checks in the mail, have your funds deposited to an existing checking or savings account, or have your funds deposited directly to the Plus Card.

If you are expecting a grant or loan refund and have not yet received it, you can check with the Student Payment Office to ensure everything was setup correctly with Higher One.


Financial Aid