Welcome to the Wellness Center

Here at Lake Superior College, health and wellness are encouraged and promoted, both in preventative measures like the smoke free campaign and in lifestyle choices like good nutrition and exercise. Our Wellness Center provides students and staff with many of the tools to live healthier and feel better.

Membership to the LSC Wellness Center is free to current students and available at posted hours of operation. All students are required to fill out the membership form, which may be picked up and returned to room E1104. This must be done prior to use of facilities. New forms are required each Academic Year.

Faculty and staff may also take advantage of the Wellness Center for a nominal annual membership fee of $25, payable at the business office. Spouses and dependents over 16 years of age may become members with additional $25 membership fees. Dependents between 14 and 16 may also become members, but must be accompanied by parent. Receipts must be retained by the Wellness Center, to be filed with forms.

Gym lockers and showers are available in the restrooms across from the Wellness Center. Lockers are only for use during a PE class or while you work out. Students and members are responsible for their belongings and must provide their own locks. To avoid damage or loss to items left in lockers, we strongly encourage locking them. Locks remaining longer than a day will be removed and remaining items will be sent to lost and found, to be redeemed by owners.

Workout Areas & Equipment

  • Exercise/Fitness Suite (E1104): This room includes a 1,300 square foot area equipped with both aerobic exercise equipment and weight training machines. Treadmills, elliptical machines, and exercise bikes complement a full circuit of OEI/Cybex resistance machines. The floor of this area is constructed of rubber-reinforced hardwood that provides an extra dimension of cushioned comfort.
  • Free Weight Room (E1118): A fully equipped weight room that is for use by serious lifters. This room includes a double set of dumbbells, Olympic bars, and plates, as well as, a variety of specialty benches.


  • Student membership is FREE.
  • Membership is $25 per year for Faculty, Staff, Spouses, and Dependents (over 16).
  • Membership Form


Membership Form

Hiking Trails

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