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The mission of the Lake Superior College Student Senate, per the Lake Superior College Institutional Effectiveness Plan, is to conduct research to better understand student and stakeholder needs, to represent and advocate for the Lake Superior College student body through shared governance, and be helpful and provide leadership to students and stakeholders.

​What is Student Senate?

“They’re those people that sell lockers.”
-Common Misconception

We actually do a lot more than that, and we’re here to serve you by making sure the administration knows what problems need attention and change. Essentially the student senate is the voice of the student body. We represent you here on campus to the administration, at the state level with State-wide and Regional meetings among campus’s (through an organization called MSCSA) and at a Federal level when two of our Executive members go to Washington DC over spring break.

What are some of the things your student senate is doing on and off campus?

Fundraising – During Spring Semester 2014, the Student Senate hosted fundraisers for the Student Essentials Fund and the MSCSA Leadership Scholarship.
– Find more information about the SEF program in our links menu. Visit mscsa.org for more information and to apply for the Leadership Scholarship.

Projects – We polled students during Student Success Day (Spring 2014) to ask them a few questions about things they would like to see on campus, such as the possibility of sports, a meal plan, dormitories, and having gardens on campus. Many projects are in the works!

General Assembly and Governing Council Events – During the Fall General Assembly, student senates at every 2-year community and technical college (participating in the MSCSA) may examine the MSCSA platform and by-laws. They also have a General Assembly to hold elections in the Spring for state and regional governing council positions. At Governing Council Events, members from LSC’s student senate and the MSCSA attend in order to discuss and learn more about the state-wide issues affecting students in Minnesota.
– Both events offer opportunities to network with students at other colleges, exchange ideas, and attend workshops to better their leadership skills.

Why should you join Student Senate? (Only currently attending LSC Students may apply)

• Build your leadership skills
• Make new friends
• Help fellow students
• Be a part of charitable events
• Opportunities for on-campus and state executive positions
• Opportunities to meet and speak with legislators (state and national)
• Looks spectacular on a resume!
Elections for Student Senate (guidelines as described in the LSC Student Senate Constitution):

Fall Semester: Elections for one-half (1/2) of the membership shall be held beginning the fourth (4th) Monday of September each year.
Spring Semester: Elections for one-half (1/2) of the membership shall be held beginning the fourth (4th) Monday of January each year.

Please contact the Student Senate for more information:

Email: senate@lsc.edu
Office: E1008
Phone: 218.733.7659

[The Lake Superior College Student Senate does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, creed, religion, age, sexual orientation, or membership or activity in local commission as defined by law]​