At Lake Superior College, we understand that we are here because of and for our students. We strive to provide a friendly and flexible learning environment for students from a variety of backgrounds and abilities.

You will find courses offered in a variety of formats – we are proud to have one of the largest online learning communities in the Minnesota State college and Universities system. LSC has an extensive offering of pre-baccalaureate majors for students interested in transferring to four-year educational institutions. We have more than 70+ career and transfer programs to choose from in your studies. We also partner extensively with local business and industry to provide customized workforce training.

At LSC, we focus on helping students feel like a part of our campus community while supporting student success in our larger communities through innovative programming and service learning projects. Many of our programs feature internship and clinical opportunities.

Our Student Life Center helps students stay connected to the campus and each other through more than 35 active clubs and organizations and dozens of activities during the academic year.

Part of being a community means we support each other. Our faculty will get to know you and care about your success. We have a wide range of academic support services available. Advising, counseling and financial aid information can be found in Student Services. On-on-one peer and professional tutoring and study groups can be found in our Learning Center.

We look forward to you joining our campus community, whether it’s through on-ground classroom learning or through our Connect e-Campus online classes. Best of luck with your academic journey.


Pat Johns
Dr. Patrick M. Johns

Dr. Pat Johns