Xavier Olsen is originally from Staples, MN.  He attended Central Lakes Community College in Brainerd, MN and now lives in Duluth. He works as a personal care attendant at Possibilities Plus.

Olsen had heard positive reviews about LSC from several friends who attend so he decided to enroll. “LSC is very open to helping new students. It was easy for me get started. They can set you up for whatever program you plan to go into or if you are undecided, just getting the feel for college by taking your generals.”

Olsen is committed to helping people heal through massage therapy. “Even though therapeutic massage has been around for thousands of years, our western culture is taking some time to understand how powerful it is,” he said.  “In this profession, you will never run out of clients who are experiencing some kind of pain or tension. It’s a complimentary medicine that is still being recognized and validated for how beneficial it is for people.”

“What surprised me the most about massage therapy was the benefits a regular massage can have on the body and mind. We learn that both the mind and body are one with each other and that if one is not doing well, the whole is not doing well, and we can help with that.” The hardest part of the program? “Well, we do have to learn a lot about human anatomy, just about as much as a nurse or a physical therapist would need to know.”

The massage therapy program has a been a positive pathway for Olsen to better understand himself and having compassion for other people. He plans to continue his studies in alternative healing. “Energy healing and stress relief are two of my big interests with this profession. I plan to take the scope of practice I have learned here at LSC as a base to keep expanding my knowledge to other practices as well.”

Xavier Olsen, student, Massage Therapist

Chair massage

“The best part of being a massage therapist is the peace I can bring to each client. Seeing the relaxation on a person’s face at the end of a treatment is priceless.”
Xavier Olsen
Massage Therapist Student