Why didn’t my credits transfer?

The college or university you are transferring from may not have been regionally accredited. Technical credits have a 5-year lifespan and may have expired. You may wish to try Prior Learning Assessment. Transfer courses may not be required for the program you have declared. Health programs require a grade of C or better in all courses. C- or below do not transfer.

How do I know if my credits have been transferred?

Log on to the E-Services and run your Degree Audit (DARS). Transferred courses will have a “T” before the letter grade and will have the initials of the sending college/university next to the course number.

Why did my credits transfer in for fewer credits than I earned?

Credits taken under the quarter system are converted to semester values. This is calculated by taking 67% of the quarter credit amount. EXAMPLE: 5 credit quarter class = 3.33 semester credits.

What if I do not agree with my transcript evaluation?

You may petition transfer decisions by completing the LSC Petition to Policy form. If you are still unsatisfied with the decision of the petition you may appeal further to the Minnesota State Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.