Report an Incident

 ***For emergencies, call 911***

Lake Superior College encourages all students and college community members to be fully aware of safety issues on the campus. LSC has encourages students and college community members to take action, prevent, and report any illegal and/or inappropriate activities. Personal awareness and applying personal safety practices are the foundation of a safe community.

Report an injury incident:

Employee or student employee injury: The supervisor of the employee has 24 hours to submit a First Report of Injury report. Supervisors must log into the State of MN Self Service to fill out the form.  If you have questions, or need assistance, please contact the LSC Human Resources Office.

Non-employee or non-student employee injury: A General Student Incident Report form must be completed and returned to the LSC Safety Office.

Report a sexual violence incident:

Free reporting app:
Apple App Store or Google Play Store – LSC Campus ID = CN9B

Sexual violence is an intolerable intrusion into the most personal and private rights of an individual, and is prohibited at Lake Superior College (LSC). LSC and Minnesota State are committed to eliminating sexual violence and will take appropriate remedial action against any individual found responsible for acts in violation of this policy.

All reports will be held in strict confidence and are anonymous unless you share your identity in the report text box. As you submit your report, please know that our ability to thoroughly investigate any complaint is dependent on the information you provide. Providing details about the location, whether you are a student/employee, and the nature of the incident will enable us to most effectively address the matter you are reporting.