Part 1: Purpose

The purpose of this procedure is to promote effective management and administration of grant solicitations, proposals, and submissions to external funders. Lake Superior College (LSC) will maintain a system to evaluate, track, and support all grant proposals and sub-awards it pursues.

Part 2: Objective

Grant proposals should:

  1. Support LSC’s Mission, Vision, Strategic Goals, Diversity Work Plan, Strategic Enrollment Management Plan, and Master Academic Plan;
  2. Help turn innovative ideas into projects and programs that foster student success, learning, organizational capacity and the overall betterment of the community.

Part 3: Definitions

Subpart A: Grant Coordinator. Grant officer with comprehensive, college-wide responsibilities for overseeing the grant processes.

Subpart B: Grant Accountant. Accountant responsible for the financial management of college grants.

Subpart C: Grant. Any award of external funds (including money, property, or equipment) given to the College by foundations, corporations, governments, small businesses and/or individuals.

Subpart D: Project Lead. Lead manager for distinct, externally funded projects. The Project Lead is responsible for the proposal, budget, monitoring, management, and compliance expectations in concert with Administrative Council (AC) Sponsor, Grant Accountant, and Grant Coordinator.

Part 4: Authority

Since grants commit the College to programmatic, financial, legal and ethical obligations, all grant proposals and requests to solicit funds or services must be approved by the President.

No member of the LSC community should use the name of the College or present themselves as representing the College in securing financial or in-kind support without prior discussion and approval from the Grant Coordinator and President.

Part 5: Grant Expectations

Subpart A: MnSCU Compliance. Gift and Grant Acceptance Reporting form is required for gifts or grants made to LSC in excess of $50,000. This form is not required for a gift or grant to the LSC Foundation. The form is available on the MnSCU web site.

Subpart B: Pre-Award Requirements

All College grant proposals and requests to solicit funds or services must be approved by the President. The grant initiator will submit the Grant Proposal Planning Form and a two-page project and budget summary to the Grant Coordinator. The Grant Coordinator will review the Grant Proposal Planning Form for completeness and feasibility. The Grant Coordinator, grant initiator, and/or grant initiator’s AC sponsor are responsible for submitting proposal package to President at least 30 days prior to the grant deadline.

Exceptions to the 30 day timeline will be made at the discretion of the President.

The President will consider the grant proposal plan and within two weeks either approve or reject it. Once the full proposal is complete, the Grant Coordinator will verify that all procedures and grant requirements have been met and the final budget has been reviewed by the Grant Accountant prior to submission.

Subpart C: Post-Award Requirements

Acceptance of all grant awards and sub-awards must be completed in writing by the President, or designee so identified in the delegation of authority. After receipt of any new award notifications, the Grant Coordinator will conduct a “kickoff” meeting with the Project Lead, Grant Accountant and AC Sponsor to review all applicable policies, procedures and responsibilities. The Human Resources Department will also provide participants with guidance and training relative to any personnel covered under the grant award. The Grant Coordinator will review and coordinate with the appropriate offices for the approval and signing of inter-governmental and inter-institutional grant-related agreements resulting from external grant awards.

The Project Lead, in conjunction with the AC Sponsor, Grant Coordinator, and Grant Accountant, will oversee the monitoring of externally funded projects, including review of budgets, personnel charged to the grants, reporting requirements, project and budget revisions, grant continuation or extension requests, and to ensure procurement procedures are followed. Official financial reporting for grants are completed or reviewed by the Grant Accountant before submission.

The Project Lead, in concert with the Grant Coordinator, will oversee the closeout of each grant at the end of its funding cycle. A final report is to be submitted to the President. It shall include outcomes of the grant compared to stated goals and whether grant-funded personnel or non-personnel costs have either ceased or will be continually funded.

Subpart D: Grant Records and Review

The Grants Office will house the official files for all grant awards, including copies of funder’s regulations, signed Grant Proposal Planning Forms, approved applications, award notifications, project amendments, evaluation and final audit reports. Accounting, budget, financial reports, and fiscal audit reports will be maintained in the Business Services Office.

An annual report summarizing College grants will be submitted by the Grant Coordinator to the AC and President.

Date Implemented: September 29, 2014