Part 1:  Purpose. This procedure provides direction for the use of Lake Superior College (LSC) buildings, parking lots, or land for events that are sponsored by the College.

Part 2: Definitions

Subpart A: Internal College Meetings and Events. Refer to meetings or events that faculty, staff, or students organize in the course of performing college business.

Subpart B: College Sponsored Events. Refer to events where LSC and/or the LSC Foundation collaborates with outside groups or organizations to provide an activity for college faculty, staff, or the general public. The College President or designee must approve all events sponsored by the College. Approval depends upon whether the event is beneficial to the College. The President or designee will determine whether a fee is charged for the event.

Rental of college facilities by an external organization is covered under College Procedure 6.7.1.

Part 3:  Applicability

  1. All requests for sponsored events must have an employee sponsor. The sponsor is responsible for entering the event request into the EMS scheduling system.
  2. If the event requires a special room set-up, the sponsor must note it in the request or upload a document showing the set-up.
  3. If the event is outside of building hours, special permission is needed from the President or Vice President of Administration. A separate fee may be charged to cover the cost of security and maintenance overtime.
  4. The event is approved once the room is scheduled in the EMS system.
  5. If the event is cancelled, the sponsor is responsible for entering the cancellation in the EMS system. Any special fees will still be charged if the event is not properly cancelled.

Date Implemented: May 16, 2018