Part 1: Purpose. This procedure provides direction for the use of Lake Superior College (LSC) buildings, parking lots, or land by external organizations. The use of the College’s facilities is governed by Minnesota State System Procedure 6.7.1.

Part 2: Definitions.

Subpart A: LSC Facilities. The buildings, parking lots, and land at all locations owned or leased by the College.

Part 3: Applicability. This procedure applies whenever an external organization uses LSC buildings, parking lots, and land for a short-term period. Short-term is usually one to three days or intermittently throughout the year.

  1. External organizations wishing to use LSC facilities shall complete the online form and work with the designated person to complete the reservation process.
  2. Minnesota State System Procedure requires colleges to charge a reasonable rental amount that cover its costs. LSC will determine and publish fees annually.
  3. LSC will determine the room assigned to the external organization based on its academic and other College priorities.
  4. The external organization must sign a contract that is approved by the Minnesota State Office of General Counsel and provide a certificate of insurance before their scheduled event. The contract provides the terms for use of the LSC facilities. Organizations that fail to provide these documents will not be permitted to use the LSC facilities.
  5. Security and maintenance staff are required whenever any organization is using college facilities. If the event occurs outside of the timeframe of building hours, overtime charges will be assessed to the rental fee.
  6. All LSC facilities are drug and alcohol free as stated in College Policy 5.18 and tobacco free as stated in College Policy 5.17.
  7. External organizations are prohibited from using the LSC logo or any wording that would imply that LSC is sponsoring the event.

Date Implemented: May 16, 2018