Part 1: General Information/Policy.  Lake Superior College recognizes the need to strike a balance between an individual’s right to privacy and the institution’s duty to promote a safe environment for all community members and to protect college property. In an effort to strike this balance, an electronic video surveillance system may be employed by the college as the least intrusive means to gather useful information about activities that occur on or about the college campuses and grounds. This policy does not apply to legitimate uses of video cameras for college promotion, instruction or research purposes.

  1. The purpose of the video surveillance is to:
    1. Promote a safe college environment by deterring acts of harassment or violence.
    2. Deter vandalism or theft of college property and to aid in the identification of individuals who commit such acts.
    3. Assist law enforcement officials in the investigation of any crime that may have been committed on college property.
  2. See college procedure 5.23.1 for details related to the following:
    1. Camera Location, Operation and Control
    2. Notification of Surveillance
    3. Use of Video Recordings
    4. Protection of Information and Disclosure/Security and Retention of Recordings
    5. Disposal or Destruction of Recordings
    6. Video Monitors and Viewing

Date Implemented: May 6, 2004