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5.11.2 – Procedure – Financial Aid Deferments for Textbook Purchases

Part 1: Purpose. Lake Superior College shall allow students to add the cost of textbooks and required course materials purchased at the campus bookstore to the existing financial aid deferment or payment plan for tuition and fees. This procedure is in accordance with the Laws Of Minnesota 2007, Chapter 144, Art. 1, Sec. 4, Subd. 3(a).

Part 2: Guidelines. The Lake Superior College Bookstore, in coordination with the Business Services and Financial Aid offices, records the purchases of textbooks and required course materials accurately on student accounts so financial aid can be applied to said purchases. The student who has been awarded financial aid sufficient to include the purchase of books and course materials, and granted permission for such use of financial aid, is not required to pay for course materials and textbooks until financial aid has been applied.

Financial aid, including loans, will first be applied to tuition and fees when determining the amount available for textbooks and course materials. The student is ultimately responsible for the payment of textbooks and course materials.

Date Implemented: February 27, 2014