Part 1: General

Lake Superior College shall adhere to Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) HR/LR Policy #1422 regarding Telework.

Part 2: Lake Superior College Specific Exceptions to HR/LR Policy #1422

  1. Lake Superior College encourages the use of telework for positions whose job responsibilities allow for telework and for employees who meet the eligibility set forth under MMB’s HR/LR Policy #1422 Telework. Eligible employees may telework at least one day per week or up to three days per week, with the approval of their supervisor.
  2. Lake Superior College will not provide additional office supplies, such as pens, paper, and notepads, needed for the telework location.
  3. Lake Superior College assumes no responsibility for operating costs associated with the telework location beyond a laptop if provided by the College, including but not limited to maintenance or modification of the telework location, access to or use of the internet, telephone, furniture, utilities, additional monitors, office furniture, and insurance.
  4. It is expected that student-facing departments have staff on campus to provide support at all times unless otherwise approved by the President.
  5. All Supervisors are required to create a rotating schedule to allow for on-campus support while also allowing at least one day per week of telework to each individual whose job allows for it, individuals who maintain at least satisfactory performance standards, and who is interested in teleworking.  Each department will review and update the rotating schedule at least once annually, preferably at the start of each new fiscal year.
  6. All supervisors are expected to work with Human Resources when making an offer of employment for positions that allow for telework.
  7. MMB defines a teleworker as an employee who has an agreed-upon schedule during which they are expected to work at a telework location rather than their permanent work location.  In a hybrid telework / on-campus work arrangement, it is expected that all supervisors ensure each employee has a signed Telework Schedule and Acknowledgement Form in the personnel file updated at least once annually. This document will also identify the employee’s expected telework schedule and the approved telework location.
  8. Telework schedules and agreements are not a condition of employment. Lake Superior College has the discretion to suspend or renew a telework agreement.
  9. Employees may make a request to their supervisor to change their telework agreement. 

Part 3: Teleworking from a state other than the primary work state of Minnesota:

  1. Employees who are requesting a designated telework location that is outside of the State of Minnesota must seek advanced approval from their supervisor.
  2. Employees whose designated telework location is outside of the State of Minnesota must inform their supervisor and Human Resources if their telework schedule changes.
  3. All employees must seek advanced approval to temporarily telework from a state that is not their permanent work state, Lake Superior College retains the right to approve or deny such requests.
  4. Telework outside of Minnesota must comply with MMB Out of State Telework Memo.
  5. Teleworking from a state that is not your primary work state may result in a state tax reporting requirement.

Policy History:

Date Implemented: April 2010

Date Reviewed/Revised: September 7, 2023

President’s Signature Date: October 4, 2023

Lake Superior College's President's Signature