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4.10 – Nepotism

Minnesota State Policy

Part 1: Nepotism Policy. Employees of Lake Superior College (LSC) shall not participate in the selection, hiring, supervision, or performance review of, any person who is a member of the employee’s family or household and is an applicant for employment with, or employed by, LSC, except as permitted under procedures adopted by the College. This includes decisions about compensation, scheduling and staffing levels.

Part 2: Procedure

Subpart A: Purpose. To provide a process which allows members of the same family or household to be employed by LSC without placing them in a real or apparent conflict of interest.

Subpart B: General. Members of the same family or household are eligible for employment at LSC. However, a supervisor-subordinate relationship shall not exist between family or household members nor shall one member of a family or household assume the role of advocate, investigator, or decision maker with respect to conditions of employment or promotion. Such employment relationships represent a potential conflict of interest and violation of Minnesota Statute 43A.38 Code of Ethics. It is the responsibility of the employee to notify the appropriate administrator if a relationship with the potential for such conflict of interest exists.

Subpart C: Definitions. For purposes of this procedure, family member means spouse, children, parent of the employee or spouse, brother or sister of the employee or spouse, grandparents or grandchildren of the employee or spouse, nephews and nieces of the employee or spouse, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law of the employee or spouse or other members of the employee’s household. The term “employee” includes student employees. See the Agreement between Minnesota State Employees Union, AFSCME and the State of Minnesota, MnSCU Supplement Part 1, All MnSCU, 12. Conflicts, for the definition of family to be used with employees covered by that agreement.

Subpart D: Family or Household Members Recommended to Work for the Same Supervisor. When members of the same family or household are recommended to work for the same supervisor, such arrangement shall not occur unless approved in advance by the president or chancellor. No appointment of a family or household member may be made without such prior approval. Such approval shall be made on the forms specified in Part 6 and filed with  LSC’s Chief Human Resources Officer.

Subpart E: Development of a Supervisor/Subordinate Relationship After Employment. If a supervisor/subordinate relationship between family or household members develops during employment, family or household members must notify the Chief Human Resources Officer immediately. The CHRO will work with the managers and administrators to find a suitable position within the institution to which one of the employees will be required to transfer. Such transfers will be consistent with the provisions of applicable collective bargaining agreements. If the President determines that no other supervisory arrangement is possible, then all employment decisions involving the supervisee must be reviewed and approved by another supervisor or the President.

Subpart F: Documentation. The Vice Chancellor for Human Resources will develop a form for institutions to use to document situations described in Subpart D and E and any resolution.

Subpart G: Applicability. Any exceptions to this procedure must be personally reviewed and approved by the President or the Chancellor.

Date Implemented: April 2006