Part 1: General Information

  1. Minnesota law (M.S.135A.14) requires that all students born after 1956 and enrolled in more than one class in a public or private postsecondary school in Minnesota be immunized against diphtheria, tetanus, measles, mumps, and rubella.
  2. All enrolled students must submit the required documentation within 45 days of the beginning of their first semester.
  3. The Minnesota Department of Health and the American College Health Association recommend targeted tuberculin skin testing for all international students originating from (and other students traveling to) countries where TB is endemic.

Part 2: Exception

  1. No proof of immunization is needed for students who are assumed up-to-date due to requirements imposed by their previous school enrollment. These include:
    1. students who graduate from a Minnesota high school in 1997 or later, and
    2. transfer students from a different postsecondary school in Minnesota, if transcripts or other information from the previous school indicate that the student has met immunization requirements.
  2. Students who will be completing ALL of their coursework online are exempt.
  3. Students who provide a notarized statement indicating they have not been immunized due to their conscientiously held beliefs.
  4. Student submits a clinic document that shows: a) that for medical reasons, the student did  not receive an immunization; b) that the student has experienced the natural disease against which the immunization protects; c) that a laboratory has confirmed the presence  of adequate immunity.

Date Implemented: April 5, 2004

Date Updated: February 3, 2005