Part 1: Procedure Statement. Consistent with LSC Policy 3.31, the College expects advisory committees to conform to the subsequent expectations.

Part 2: Definitions. The following definition applies to this procedure:

Subpart A: College Program Advisory Committee. A program advisory committee identifies needs and opportunities; describes the current status and dynamic nature of its industry and/or occupation and provides guidance and advice on initial development, accountability, expansion and closure of academic programs or related program clusters at Lake Superior College (LSC) or with related programs at high schools, colleges, and/or universities.

Subpart A: Membership. Employers and/or industry experts, students, representatives from transfer institutions, and others may be included, as appropriate. All campus program advisory committees shall maintain a current roster of members.

Subpart B: Structure and Governance. Shall designate a chair (if applicable other officers), determine rules of order, and decision-making. Meeting minutes should be recorded.

Subpart C: Meeting Schedule. Shall establish a regular meeting schedule and meet at least twice a year.

Subpart D: Work Plan and Priorities. Work plans shall be consistent with the purposes of the program advisory committee and the needs of the program. LSC will maintain a program advisory committee handbook to communicate the responsibilities of program advisory committee participation.

Subpart E: Communications. Processes such as a timeline for communicating notice of meetings, use of agendas, and production of meeting minutes shall be established practices.

Subpart F: Collaborations. Collaborations should be documented.

Subpart G: Career and Transfer Pathways. Discussions shall address career and transfer pathways, if applicable.

Subpart H: Recommendations and Documentation. Advice shall be documented in meeting minutes and shared with program faculty and staff for program review and annual planning. Program faculty and staff are responsible for addressing advisory committee recommendations. Program faculty, staff, and the College may not be able to act on all program advisory committee recommendations.

Subpart I: Oversight. Program advisory committees shall be evaluated at least every three years by administration and use the information for continuous improvement.

Date Implemented: October 19, 2017