Minneota State Policy

Part 1: Purpose. The purpose of this policy is to establish consistent practices for accepting credit for undergraduate college-level courses transferred into Lake Superior  College, except for courses that apply to the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum as per MN State Colleges and Universities Policy 3.37 Minnesota Transfer Curriculum.

Part 2: Definition. For purposes of this policy the following definition applies:

Comparable or equivalent course. A comparable or equivalent course is one that is similar in nature, content and level of expected student performance on course outcomes to a course offered by the receiving institution.

Part 3: Transfer of Undergraduate Credits. Once a student has been admitted to Lake Superior College, the college shall evaluate college-level course credits completed, as submitted by the student on an official transcript, to determine if they shall be accepted in transfer. Once the credits are accepted in transfer, the college shall determine how the course credits will apply to program and graduation requirements.

Transfer of credit from one college or university to another shall involve at least three considerations:

  1. Educational quality of the learning experience which the student transfers,
  2. Comparability of the nature, content and level of the learning experience offered by the receiving college or university, and
  3. Appropriateness and applicability of the learning experience to the programs offered by the receiving higher education entity in light of the student’s educational goals.

Subpart A: Transfer of courses that are comparable or equivalent. The college shall accept courses in transfer that it determines to be comparable or equivalent to specific courses it offers.

Subpart B: Transfer of courses that are not comparable or not equivalent. College-level courses accepted in transfer by Lake Superior College that are determined to be not comparable or not equivalent to specific courses taught at Lake Superior College shall be accepted as electives.

Date Implemented: October 2007