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3.10 – Academic Program/Department Review

Part 1: General Statement Academic Review Policy

Lake Superior College will review, on a three year cycle, using established institutional procedures, all academic programs and departments with respect to:

  1. Contribution to the mission and plans of the institution.
  2. Performance measures including aggregated student achievement.
  3. Accreditation, licensure or certification requirements.
  4. Advisory committee or other appropriate input as agreed to by the faculty and administration of the institution.
  5. Other factors as appropriate.

The college shall use results of the review for improvement of academic programming.

Part 2: Purpose

The purpose of academic review is to:

  1. Ensure the provision of high quality academic programs at Lake Superior College.
  2. Monitor program and department achievement relative to their stated outcomes and goals and the overall mission of Lake Superior College.
  3. Plan for and implement changes for improvement where necessary.
  4. Comply with MNSCU policy regarding academic review.

Date Implemented: October 12, 2011