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2.8.2 – Procedure – Student Stipends

Part 1: General. Stipends shall be awarded to students who demonstrate leadership and/or outstanding contributions to Lake Superior College.  All stipends shall be awarded as credits.  Stipends shall be financed by the Student Life activity fee, and allocated by the Student Life Committee. The Student Senate shall establish a special committee for the distribution of stipend credits.

Part 2: Stipends. Lake Superior College shall award 31.5 stipend credits each semester, for a total of 63 stipend credits for the academic year. These stipend credits shall be awarded to students on a semester basis.  The LSC Student Senate shall distribute these stipends at the end of each semester following the procedures established in this policy.  The Student Life Committee may award additional stipend credits in excess of the 63 stipends authorized by this policy.

  1. The Student Senate will be allocated 33 stipends.
  2. The Student Body will be allocated 30 stipends.

Part 3: Criteria. Stipend credits shall be distributed following the criteria below:

  1. Stipend recipients must obtain a C grade or better for each stipend credit received.
  2. Stipends shall be awarded at the end of each semester.
  3. Unused stipend credits shall be carried forward to the next semester.
  4. Stipend credits may not be carried over from year to year.
  5. The Student Senate President shall receive a minimum of six and no more than 10 stipend credits to be determined by the stipend committee each semester.
  6. None of the six stipend credits intended for the Student Senate President may be awarded to any other individual.

Part 4: Procedure

  1. The Student Senate shall establish a committee to distribute stipend credits.  The committee shall consist of four Student Senate members, two student body members, two faculty members (one LSCFA and one UTCE), and one staff member.
  2. The committee shall meet at the end of each semester after the grades have been posted.
  3. The committee shall receive nominations from LSC students, faculty, and staff for the purpose of distributing stipend credits.
  4. Upon receiving the nominations, the committee shall review all nominations.
  5. The committee shall determine stipend credits awards by ballot.
  6. The committee shall submit all awards to the Student Life Director for processing.

Date Implemented: March 4, 1999