Bulletin boards are available throughout the campus to allow for the posting of announcements, activities and information.  All postings must be approved, through the Student Life Center with the exception of postings related to academics which must be approved through the Academic Affairs Office. Upon approval, the posting shall be date stamped and placed in the appropriate designated posting areas.  This does not include departments posting on their department bulletin boards.  Postings must be in compliance with the College’s 1B.1 Policy and Procedure on Non- discrimination in Employment and Education Opportunity.  Any legal liability or damage resulting from the posting will be the sole responsibility of the person, organization, or group sponsoring the posted material.

This policy shall in no way infringe upon the students’ freedoms as expressed in the LSC Student Handbook, Student Rights and Responsibilities, or their freedom of speech.

Date Implemented: March 7, 2002

Date Updated: May 7, 2009