Part 1: Philosophy

Operations are set to match credit and non-credit academic schedules. When determining hours Academic Affairs will balance the demand for courses with the cost of having the building open.

See Procedure 1A.11.1 for building, service, and summer hours.

Part 2: Definitions

Subpart A: Building Hours. Building hours are hours during which the building is accessible to the public. Facilities and security employees are available during this time.

Subpart B: Service Hours. Service hours are hours during which college services are available to the public. Office hours are hours within building hours.

Subpart C: Summer Hours. Summer hours are adjusted college service and operational hours during the summer period of the year.

Part 3: Building Hours. Maintenance and security staff will be on duty all hours of the week that the building is open and available to the public. The switchboard will be available all hours that the building is open excluding Saturday.

Part 4: Service Hours

Service hours are approved by the college president. Guiding goals are:

  1. To serve the convenience of learners and provide access to partners in the community-at-large
  2. To make college resources available to students
  3. To provide consistency between departments, campuses, and educational partners
  4. To consider the institution’s fiscal health in support of hours

Part 5: Summer Hours

The following will apply:

  1. Holiday pay for eligible full-time employees will be nine hours for Memorial Day.
  2. The pay period in which the Fourth of July falls will consist of normal eight (8) hour days to allow for 8 hours of Holiday Pay for the 4th of July unless the Fourth of July lands on a weekend. However, summer service hours will remain in effect for that time period. Supervisors will allow for flexibility to provide complete service coverage.
  3. Facilities and Information and Welcome staff may have variation in summer hours that will be established by their supervisor and approved by the Vice President of Administration.

See Procedure 1A.11.1 for summer schedule details.

Subpart A: Exceptions

Supervisors may not eliminate Friday workdays from the summer schedule to create four 10-hour workdays. There will be no significant change to work schedules beyond the ½ hour provided in Policy 1A.11.1, unless it is the employee’s expected schedule.

Exceptions must be approved by the President.

Part 6: College Offices

LSC offices serve primarily students, public, and/or employees. The service hours will vary depending on their primary mission. Hours for offices serving students will be based on the academic schedule and the historic demand for services. Offices with a primary role of providing services to students are:

  1. Student Services
  2. Student Life
  3. Business Office
  4. Financial Aid
  5. Learning Center
  6. Library
  7. Intercultural Center
  8. LSC Store
  9. LSC Cafe
  10. Wellness Center
  11. Student Technology Center
  12. Student Resource Center

These offices will have a set schedule and must be staffed appropriately for the expected demand. The manager must ensure that the office remains open according to the schedule. Information Technology will have staff available to support them. An administrator or manager will be on duty when the offices are open.

  1. Extended hours occur one week before and after the start of the semester. Each office may determine the need for extended hours.
  2. During summer hours, building hours will be shortened on Fridays. The building will close at noon to reflect abbreviated work schedules that day.
  3. Continuing Education and Customized Training will set their schedule based on their arrangement with their customers. However, they are expected to hold courses during building hours. If they want to hold a course outside these hours, they would need to make arrangements with the Maintenance and would be expected to pay overtime incurred for the additional hours.
  4. Other offices must ensure that they are staffed to respond to the needs of the public and employees. Administrators may use their discretion when granting leave to their staff.
  5. Exceptions due to holiday and summer hours will be communicated in advance by the administration.

Date Implemented: December 11, 2014

Date Updated: March 24, 2017