Peer Review Process

This document describes how the peer review process at LSC works from start to finish (includes info about the roles of the peer review coordinator, team leaders, suggested timeframe for a review, etc.).

Download: LSC POET Peer Review Process (Word)

LSC POET™ Online Peer Review Rubrics*

Lake Superior College has been doing online peer review since 2004. Starting in 2013, a group of faculty revised Lake Superior College’s peer review rubric and process to make it more comprehensive, and we in 2018, it was updated again. The new peer review rubric includes not only best practices in course design but best practices in online teaching and learning.

Lake Superior College POET™ Online Peer Review rubrics.**

Download: POET Online Peer Review Rubric with annotations (Word)

LSC’s POET Peer Review rubric for fully online classes now includes annotations. A copy of the annotated rubric can be given to an instructor before a review is conducted and during the follow-up meeting when going over the results of a review with an instructor. The annotated rubric also helps to ensure that all reviewers are correctly interpreting the meaning of each standard.

Supplemental Rubric: this is a rubric to use to evaluate hybrid/blended classes or online course supplements for face to face classes.

Download: POET Hybrid/Supplement Rubric (Word)

Sample Review

Here’s an example of a completed peer review along with its instructor worksheet.

More POET Peer Review Forms

Each reviewer is required to sign a confidentiality form each year (kept by our Online Peer Review Coordinator). View or download the form below.

Download: Confidentiality Form (Word)

Instructors who are having their courses peer reviewed must fill out an Instructor Worksheet first to give permission for the peer review and to give important information to the peer review team. Here are copies of the worksheet to download.

Download: Instructor Worksheet (Word)

Some History

Lake Superior College began its online peer review process in 2004.**

In 2013, a group of Lake Superior College faculty members began revising the peer review rubric to incorporate more online teaching pedagogy and best practices. The new POET Peer Review Process was implemented in 2014. Documents and processes will continually be improved and updated, so check back often.

Over 100 peer reviews have been completed since Lake Superior College began its peer review program.

**The review rubric and annotations are adapted from the Quality Matters project that was awarded to MarylandOnline and sponsored in part by The Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE), U.S. Department of Education.