Lake Superior College Foundation will offer over $60,000 in workforce development scholarships this upcoming academic year for Minnesota residents enrolled in, or planning to enroll in, high demand sectors including:

  • healthcare
  • transportation
  • manufacturing
  • early childhood education
  • agriculture and
  • information technology

Applications will be accepted July 15 through midnight on August 15.

Am I eligible for a workforce development scholarship?

If you’re a Minnesota resident enrolled at Lake Superior College (as a new or returning student) in any of the qualified sectors listed above, then you are qualified to apply.

Do any of the fields under the program qualify (i.e., does welding count under manufacturing, does medical assistant count under healthcare)?

Yes, any related field counts. If you’re not sure, we encourage you to apply.

Why are there other qualifying questions that don’t have anything to do with workforce development scholarships?

In addition to the $62,500 in workforce development scholarships, LSC Foundation awards over $300,000 in additional scholarships as well. Sometimes, we have funding available for scholarships and do not have qualified applicants. So, even if you’re only applying for workforce development scholarships, you may qualify for additional funding now or in the near future. That’s why we ask a few additional qualifying questions.

Are additional attachments, such as a letter of recommendation, required?

No, they’re not required, but they often do strengthen applications, They are recommended but not required.

If I already received a scholarship, am I eligible for additional scholarships?

Yes, there is no limit to amount of funding you can receive from LSC Foundation. However, we try to distribute funding to as many students as possible. There are, however, times when there are a limited number of qualified applicants for certain scholarships, and in those cases a student may receive multiple awards.