Leadership Distinction Overview

Students who pursue a Leadership Distinction will have the opportunity to network, build professional skills and volunteer within their career field through the NORTHFORCE Mentor Connection program. Leadership Distinction students are also involved on campus in Student Senate, student clubs, student employment, athletics and/or volunteer activities.

Throughout the year, students attend the Mentor Connection program and are paired with a mentor from the community. The Mentor Connection program consists of six events throughout the year, all in the evening and at different locations around the city. The students and mentors work on networking, elevator pitches, and other activities relating to career preparation, professionalism and leadership.

Leadership Distinction Elements

Semester One: Fall 2019

  • Participate in events tied to Leadership, 24 hours of time
    • Volunteerism
    • Approved on- or off-campus activities, including attending NORTHFORCE Mentor Connection program where the student is paired with a community mentor
  • Successfully complete DSTC 1999: Distinction in Leadership, a one-credit online class focused on leadership skills

 Semester Two: Spring 2020

  • Successfully complete the spring semester Distinction course, DSTC2999, a one-credit online Distinction Capstone (includes written reflection, ePortfolio, and presentation)
  • Provide 24 hours of volunteer to community project, event or organization, including Mentor Connection program

Reference Letter–Distinctions

Nomination Letter–Leadership

Application – Leadership