Hone Your Career Edge Through LSC’s Distinction Program

Leadership Distinction

What is the Distinction program?

The Distinction program allows you to:

  • Develop skills valued by potential employers.
  • Explore specific topics more deeply that you normally would in a classroom.
  • Get involved in the community and make job connections.

Two tracks are currently available in the Distinction program:

How will it benefit me? 

Participating in a Distinction allows you to enhance your resume and transcript through skill-building and making community and professional job connections.

What is the time commitment? Does it cost anything?

The Fall 2019 Distinction tracks will run fall and spring semester. While each Distinction is unique, there are some common requirements for participation. The time commitment involves:

  • Each Distinction includes two free, one-credit courses:

The fall semester Distinction course, DSTC1999, is taught by a staff or faculty member who will also act as your mentor to pair you with a project or community organization which will fulfill the civic engagement portion of the Distinction.

The spring semester Distinction course, DSTC2999, is taught by a staff or faculty member who will work with you to continue projects started in the fall and to create a professional portfolio of your experience in the Distinction and a professional presentation.

  • Each track requires civic engagement while you are enrolled in the Distinction.
  • You may also be required to register and pay tuition and fees for one specific course within your program of study that relates to the Distinction.
  • Distinctions will appear on your transcript.

How do I apply? What’s the deadline?

Students can self-nominate for the Distinction program. Requirements for applying include submitting a teacher/coach/mentor/advisor letter of recommendation. The two Distinction tracks will stay open until filled.