Classes begin Sept 4! 

Tuesday 7 AM: Ignite Yoga

Ignite Yoga is a multi-level yoga practice incorporating sun-salutations and a series of poses designed to work the body, strengthen the core, increase flexibility, and get the blood flowing!  Learn how to combine breath and movement to deepen your practice and move with fluidity. There will always be modifications, so you can work at the level best suited for you.

Tuesday 10:30 AM: FUSE

Combining yoga flows, body sculpting reps with weights, core exercises and Pilates moves FUSE hits each part of your body giving you a complete and balanced workout. This low impact class focuses more on creating long lean muscles and less on cardio burn making FUSE the perfect class if you want to work out but don’t have time to hit the showers when you are done. Each class ends with a brief meditation helping you refocus and take the time to just be still.

Wednesday 10:30 AM: Stretch & Meditation

Ever want to take a yoga class just for the benefits of stretching and meditation but it’s just not your thing? Our meditation can help you with this problem. This 45 minute class will focus on stretching out different parts of our body and clear the mind with guided meditation. We close out the class with extended savasana and aromatherapy.

Wednesday 4 PM: FIRE Sculpt

A 45 minute fast track to toning your whole body. This FIRE Sculpt class will tone your body using your own muscle resistance and/or weights all while Fueling the F.I.R.E. of a Fun, Inclusive, Rewarding, and Empowering class!