Finding balance and focusing on your wellness is hard, especially with the constant distraction and interruption in your pocket coming from your cell phone.

That’s why Lake Superior College has partnered with BetterYou – a digital coach that helps support your goals across all areas of wellness.
Studies show that roughly 90% of our discretionary time is spent on our phones. But what if instead of distracting you, your phone helped you achieve your goals? BetterYou helps people spend their time on the things that matter most. You set goals that are important to you in the areas of physical, social, educational, and mental wellness, and BetterYou runs in the background, providing gentle nudges and rewards along the way that positively influence behaviors.

Ready to start making progress towards becoming a BetterYou? Register for BetterYou with your school email today!

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Better You February Physical Challenge - Prizes to win each week