The Admissions process at Lake Superior College (a common example):

  • Decide what you want to study!
    • Are you unsure what you want to study? Call EOC (218) 733-6950.
  • Pick a college
  • Fill out application (waived if you are in EOC by advisor)
  • Get transcripts together
  • Practice Accuplacer!
  • Receive materials for Orientation, attend Orientation and take Accuplacer
  • Complete your FAFSA
  • Enroll in classes, get books, sign up for MN childcare grant, apply to scholarship

Local college application information

Taking the Accuplacer

All students must complete the Accuplacer test as part of orientation at LSC and many other institutions, unless they meet certain qualifications listed.

ACT Test

All 4 year colleges require an ACT test for admission.