Graduates pose in front of Duluth's lift bridge

EOC helps students understand the complicated details of higher education. While EOC focuses on engaging marginalized students (those in poverty, those who are first-generation college students, those who are homeless and those who have little opportunity in the educational system), students with privilege use EOC services too.

We help you:

  • Find and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Apply for scholarship applications, grants, and awards.
  • Complete college applications (in many cases application fees are waived).
  • Choose a career by comparing the cost of education with your expected earnings and considering your talents and abilities.
  • Select a college that best meets your needs.
  • Connect with tutoring, mentoring, or area services to break down your barriers to college.

EOC is an advocate for access to higher education. EOC does not promote any one institution. We have over 1000 participants that enter colleges nationwide if and when they are ready. We welcome you to contact us to start breaking down the barriers that are preventing you from educational success and a fantastic career.