Lake Superior College Student Senate’s Student Essentials Fund

The Lake Superior College Student Senate works to provide resources and support to assist students in their educational experience. The Student Essentials Fund (SEF) is set up to provide assistance to students who face barriers in their success at Lake Superior College. The focus of this fund is to provide the essentials that are necessary to the success of students. This fund is meant to provide financial assistance to students who cannot afford essentials for themselves.

Examples where financial assistance may be provided:
Student unable to afford food, gas, clothing for self or child, text books, essential school related supplies and fees, help with childcare while attending school (1 time), housing (to include essential utilities, which does not include internet), car repairs (with a preference of using LSC auto repair services). All students’ circumstances will be considered but this list represents specific circumstances that meet the goals of this fund to help students find success.

Students must be in good academic standing with the school and must be enrolled in at least six (6) credits at Lake Superior College. There must be a clearly stated unforeseen and unavoidable circumstance with a specific request identifying what the money will be used. This fund is for one time emergency financial need, if you have received aid from the fund previously you would be ineligible to apply again as it is not to be used on a reoccurring basis.
Any LSC Student that meets the requirements may submit a request. With permission of the student, advisors and or teachers can submit a request on behalf of the student. In this case, students must be aware, meet the criteria, and sign the application.

Review Process
Requests shall be reviewed by at least 3 members of the Student Essentials Fund Committee and two advisors. The committee will establish a weekly review schedule at the beginning of each semester and will post that meeting time on the senate website. Only members of the SEF Committee may sit in on reviews to maintain confidentiality and consistency in the review process. In the event of an emergency a request may be reviewed outside of the scheduled review time if: there are three members of the committee present along with two advisors to review the request, or if three committee members are not available the chair of the committee may deem it appropriate to invite other senators to sit in on the review. Requests will be considered based on the application and additional information obtained by members of the committee. A request must receive a majority vote to be approved. Additional information may be requested from students, faculty, advisors, and other campus resources if the committee feels such information is necessary to make an informed decision. All decisions are final.

Notification and Payment
Applicants will be notified of the decision of their request via student email. All approved applications will be photocopied, with one copy staying in the SEF file in the Student Senate office and a copy being brought to the foundation office to process payment. Applications that are denied will be kept on file in the Student Senate office.
Payments will come in the form of checks or gift cards. Committee will decide on the amount to be awarded based on need. The maximum amount to be awarded is $200.00. In order to collect payment the recipient must provide the foundation office with a thank you card at the time they pick up their award. These cards can be obtained in the Student Senate office and help in the ongoing efforts of the committee to raise funds to meet future student needs.

SEF Policy and Procedure Review
The Student Essentials Fund is relatively new and as such has the potential for growth and development. These policies and procedures shall be reviewed annually to ensure that the fund is constantly progressing to meet the current needs of students at Lake Superior College. Any changes will be presented by the SEF committee to the student senate and require a 2/3 vote to be approved.

The committee shall be comprised of 5 student senators, with no more than 2 being members of the executive board. This committee shall be chaired by the president of the student senate. Establish a database of students that have been helped by the fund.
The SEF committee will also consist of a Treasurer who will serve as chair of the meeting when the chair is not present.


  • Keep accurate records of SEF finances
  • Maintain SEF student database which will include: name, type of request, and amount, day request was received and date processed (reviewed, approved/denied).
  • Serve as chair when chair is not present with all authority and privileges except approving emergency review committees.