What is BankMobile?

Bank Mobile Disbursements

BankMobile is a company Lake Superior College has partnered with to provide options to disburse all refunds and payroll to students. These include:

  • Financial Aid Disbursements
  • Grant Disbursements
  • Loan Disbursements
  • Overpayment Refunds
  • Student Employee Payroll
  • Tuition Refunds

Lake Superior College has partnered with BankMobile to deliver your financial aid refund.

Check LSC’s Refund FAQ Page for more information on refunds.

View our cash management contract and documents.

Why Does LSC Use BankMobile?

Lake Superior College uses BankMobile to provide refund choices for students who may not be able to open a bank account for various reasons. BankMobile is quick when providing students their funds. BankMobile can better address issues with lost or stolen checks while preventing many issues with check fraud from the beginning.