How to Qualify:

You qualify for services if you meet the eligibility requirements (academic and/or technical standards) for admission to an educational program.
Have a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities (walking, breathing, seeing, hearing, sleeping, learning).
Have a record of such an impairment OR are regarded as having such an impairment.

Arranging Services:

Receiving Disability Services

  1. Contact Disability Services at least two weeks prior to enrollment to schedule an appointment, (218) 733-7650, or email [email protected]. Current students must renew accommodation plans each semester. New students may request testing accommodations for the placement test if qualified.
  2. Provide the Coordinator with the appropriate documentation of the disability to substantiate the need for accommodations. Documentation should be current, having been assessed within the last three years. Disabilities staff reserve the right to request additional documentation in determining the need for reasonable accommodations. Resources, including various diagnostic testing sites, are available from Disability Services.
  3. Develop an accommodation plan with the Coordinator each semester. Students are responsible for completing specific forms to request accommodations. Students are also responsible for understanding office policies and procedures as presented during the intake meeting with the Coordinator.
  4. Inform the Coordinator if accommodations are not sufficient, and of changes regarding the disability that may require alterations in the accommodation plan.

Remember, it is the student’s responsibility to initiate contact with the Coordinator of Disability Services!

Planning Ahead:

It is essential to plan ahead for accommodations and services. The accommodation plan frequently involves several college personnel, and planning helps ensure that the services will be available as needed. It is an office policy that academic accommodations be requested two weeks prior to the beginning of each semester. Failure to request timely accommodations will result in a delay of services. Staff at Disability Services make every effort to develop an individualized plan of reasonable accommodations that meets the academic and technical standards of each student’s educational program. The needs of students change as college programs change, which will likely affect accommodation plans. The staff stand ready to assist each student to allow access to his/her educational goals. Contact Human Resources  (218) 733-5960 or Wade Gordon, Dean of Student Affairs, Associate Dean, (218) 733-7656, if you feel that you are not receiving reasonable accommodations.