Getting your P.S.E.O. books at the L.S.C. bookstore quick reference guide. When: Course materials will be available starting the week of July 19th for all registered students to pick-up in store. Please try to register for all courses prior to July 16th. How: required materials for PSEO students will be pre-packaged by L.S.C. store staff for in-store pick-up. Students will receive an order pick-up confirmation email via their L.S.C. email account when their items are ready. Please bring a photo I.D. to the L.S.C. store for pick-up. What: Most required course materials are covered under P.S.E.O. Shipping is not covered. Important: Students that register or make changes to their schedules after July 16th will need to submit a P.S.E.O Book Request Form to get books. Find the link below.

Detailed 2021-2022 PSEO Textbook/Material Information and Procedure

Costs cover by PSEO funding:

The cost for all course tuition, fees and required textbooks, materials and supplies are covered under the PSEO program. It also covers consumable supplies that are required specifically for a class, such as art supplies, etc. Textbooks, materials and supplies provided to the student are the property of the postsecondary institution and must be returned to the LSC Store by the student after the course has ended.

The program does not cover general school supplies such as notebooks, pens, pencils, etc., or non-consumable supplies such as, instrument rental, uniforms, etc.

Getting your required course materials:

  • Required textbooks, materials and supplies for PSEO students will be pre-packaged by the LSC Store staff for in-store pick-up. Students will be notified by their LSC student email account when the materials are available for pick-up.
  • On Monday, July 19th, the LSC Store will begin to review Fall 2021 class schedules for registered PSEO students and will submit and process orders for all required textbooks, materials and supplies.
    • When LSC Store staff initially processes your book and material needs, students will get an “Order Confirmation Email” (via their LSC student email), NO ACTION IS REQUIRED after getting the order confirmation email. WAIT FOR THE “ORDER PICK-UP EMAIL”.
  • During and after the week of July 19th, registered PSEO students who have textbooks, materials and supplies to pick up will receive an “Order Pick-up Email” via their LSC student email account. This email will contain instructions on where and how to pick-up items. Items can only be picked up after this email has been received.
  • If possible, register and finalize your Fall 2021 schedule by Friday, July 16th and no action will be required beyond picking up your materials.

Students registering for the first time after July 16th or those making schedule changes:

  2. Once the form is received electronically, the LSC Store will process the request.
  3. Students will receive instructions via email through their LSC student email account once the order is ready for pick-up.

All changes to your original book needs must be submitted via this form. Please allow three business days for these changes to be processed. In person request for changes cannot be accommodated.

To request shipping:

  • Requests will only be considered if students have an extraordinary circumstance or live outside the Twin Ports area.
  • The LSC Store will review the request and email students through their LSC student email account. Please note, PSEO does not cover shipping costs. Students will be personally billed for the cost of shipping.


Please email or