Recently out of high school, Emily Klick has charted her medical career path with focus, help from mentors and faculty, discipline and smarts. She is currently enrolled in the Surgical Technology program with a May 2019 graduation goal. She began her academic journey during her senior year of high school. “I took PSEO classes from LSC, so I gained free college credits that benefited me academically and led me to explore my medical career path.”

She earned her CNA certificate at Ridgewater College and her Phlebotomy certificate at LSC before starting LSC’s Surgical Technologist program. “I choose LSC for its friendly atmosphere, it’s close to home, and the classes are affordable with scholarships and grants available.”

Taking Phlebotomy opened the doors to other programs at LSC for Klick. “Phlebotomy can be a perfect fit for you or it can help you find what health careers you really are interested in. As a CNA, before I started the Phlebotomy program I saw it as a way to become more financially stable, engage my mind and continue to help others.”

Klick participated in Phlebotomy program clinical rotations where she drew blood from a wide range of patients who were both cooperative and resistant. It was an eye opener for her. “I learned that very few people are excited to see you when drawing their blood. I realized I needed a tougher layer of skin, but it was also the place where many patients were willing to let me practice my technique on them.”

She values how the faculty care about the success of their students, and she also enjoyed the camaraderie working in the phlebotomy lab with other students. “The classroom was a big group which was great for lab. It also made for many friendships. I hoped my other classes would be as rewarding. My expectations have not been let down.”

She looks forward to her surgical technologist career. “After graduation, I see myself working as a surgical tech for many years and continuing to advance within my field. There are so many more job opportunities available to me now because of my training in all three of these healthcare professions.”

Emily Klick

“Earning my CNA and phlebotomy certifications at LSC were the first steps on my medical career path to becoming a surgical technologist.”
Emily Klick
Alum, Phlebotomy Certificate and Surgical Technology AAS