Emily Behnke graduated in May 2019 with her Medical Laboratory Technician AAS degree. She completed her internship at St. Luke’s Hospital in Duluth in May 2019 and was hired at St. Luke’s as a laboratory technician starting in June 2019. “LSC’s MLT program had prepared me for my interview by encouraging improvement in my interpersonal communication skills. This gave me the confidence to speak about myself and my work ethic with pride.”

Behnke is now a ASCP-certified Medical Laboratory Technician. “Without passing this test and getting the certification, I would be unable to work in the field despite having the degree. Throughout my internship and summer of training and work, I was hard at work behind the scenes studying for the most important exam of my life: the Medical Laboratory Technician ASCP boards. Each time I studied, I used notes I took in the LSC program and remembered tiny bits of information that the instructors had taught us. I was a nervous wreck when I took the exam, but to my excitement, I saw “Pass” when I submitted my last question!”

Since her ASCP certification in mid-September, Behnke has been enjoying her time at St. Luke’s working night shifts. “I get to see many more things than I ever did on day shift, and the night team is very competent and willing to answer all of my endless questions,” she said.

Behnke refers to her MLT training at LSC every day at St. Luke’s. She praises her LSC instructors for their dedicated teaching and professional background. She notes that each instructor has worked in the field for 10 plus years, meaning the experience they interweave within lessons and labs are reminiscent of a professional laboratory. “They want students to succeed and have a fundamental understanding of the theories and practices covered.”

Behnke will continue her career training education by earning a B.S. degree in St. Cloud State University Medical Laboratory Science program long-distance through an interactive television (ITV) program based at LSC. She plans to work at a larger, higher-complexity hospital for a few years prior to moving to a smaller area so she can her improve skills and knowledge about the field to become, as she said, a well-rounded and educated clinical scientist.


“I have been fortunate at St. Luke’s to have so many opportunities to improve my knowledge base. My co-workers put care and dedication into each and every sample that passes through the lab. They work as a team to continually improve and communicate effectively.”
Emily Behnke
Alum, Medical Laboratory Technician A.A.S.