Alexis Hanson of Two Harbors is enrolled in Radiologic Technology program at LSC. She has already earned her AA degree, working on it in high school where she took advantage of both the College in the Schools (CITS) and Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) programs.

LSC works well for Hanson on a number of fronts, including cost, proximity and career field. “I wanted to stay close to my family, our farm and, of course, my horse. I had planned to go to the College of St. Scholastica but after considering tuition costs, and my desired field, LSC is a much better fit for me.”

Hanson has funded her college expenses in a very creative way. She built an award-winning tiny house as a 4-H project in high school and used the money to help fund her college education at LSC. “I earned my tuition to pay for my last year and half of college from the tiny house sale,” she said.

Hanson loves woodworking and metalworking and considered going into the trades. “During my senior year, I took a lot of shop/metal classes. My shop teacher thought I would do a great job but as my senior year came to an end, I realized that I loved woodworking and metalworking as a hobby and necessarily not a vocation.”

She has always been interested in a healthcare career and found her medical niche in the radiologic technology field. “After I job shadowed at Lake View Hospital in Two Harbors, I fell in love with x-ray, CT, and ultrasound. I knew that LSC had a rad tech program which is a perfect fit for me.”

After graduating, Hanson plans to stay in the area and work as a radiologic technician at either Lake View Hospital in Two Harbors or at St. Luke’s in Duluth. She plans to continue her education through additional sonography/ultrasound training at the Mayo Clinic.

Hanson offers some good advice for others who are considering a radiologic technology career path. “Make sure it’s something you will want to do every day. Job shadow more than one time if you can. Look at x-rays, look at CTs, look at everything and talk to the techs about their jobs.”

She offers some academic tips to prepare for the rad tech program at LSC. “Take your pre-rec courses seriously. Take your CNA course, or get your CNA certificate as soon as possible. The test dates fill up quickly, and if you fail, you want to take it again before you have to apply for the program. Pay attention, especially in AP1 and AP2, because there are so many things to learn in anatomy and physiology that will help you as a medical professional.”

Hanson’s teachers and classroom experience at LSC have made a difference in her success. “All of my teachers have been so helpful, caring, generous, and very understanding in all situations. Yes, they will be hard on students but that’s part of their job to keep us on track. I was surprised by how small my classes were which made lab and discussion time much more one-on-one. That really helped me do well in my science classes.”

Radiologic technology student head shot

Radiologic technology student using classroom equipment

“LSC does an amazing job of making sure students come first. Everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand. That really made a difference for me.”
Alexis Hanson
Alum, Liberal Arts and Sciences A.A. and Radiologic Technology A.S.