Robnik enrolled in LSC’s Professional Pilot program at the age of 33, graduating from the Professional Pilot program in 2011. Since 2016, he has flown for a regional airline where he flies Bombardier-manufactured CRJ200, CRJ700, and CRJ900 jets and where he earned his Airline Transport Pilot license through his employer.  “I’m glad I did it the way I did,” said Robnik, speaking of fulfilling his dream of becoming a pilot. “Flying LSC’s Technically Advanced Cirrus airplanes with glass cockpits in flight school helped prepare me to fly the CRJ jets which also have glass cockpits.”

He also taught at LSC as a certified flight instructor for four years. “I owe a great deal to the many aviation professionals in Duluth, Superior and Cloquet who became mentors to me,” said Robnik. He had dropped out of college when he was younger but returned to complete his Associate of Arts degree in his twenties. He enrolled in LSC’s professional pilot program when it was a Part 61 school which meant he could earn FAA ratings from more than one flight school. LSC’s Professional Pilot program is now a 141 FAA rated program.

His career path included earning his private pilot license, instrument rating, commercial pilot license and certified flight instructor license through LSC. He earned his multi-engine rating through the Richard I. Bong Airport in Wisconsin, his certified flight instructor instrument rating through Venture North Aviation at the Cloquet Carlton County Airport and his multi-engine instruction rating from LSC.

As an airline pilot, Robnik is based out of Minneapolis and lives with his family in Barnum, Minnesota. “I don’t know of a better time to become a pilot,” he said. “The market for commercial pilots to fly regionally, nationally or internationally is huge.”

Adam Robnik

“I’ve been a commercial pilot for seven years now. I credit the aviation community, especially Lake Superior College, in helping me get to where I am today.”
Adam Robnik
Alum, Professional Pilot A.A.S.