We’re proud of our students and alumni. They come to Lake Superior College from many backgrounds, places and experiences, but they have one thing in common: they graduate from LSC with bright futures in high-demand careers. Read their stories to find out how they’re finding success in their chosen career paths.

Phlebotomy certificate

“The faculty and staff are great. They go above and beyond to ensure you are where you need to be and help you to meet your goals.”

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Associate of Arts

“Every professor I’ve had at LSC has taught with an enthusiasm that makes class engaging and enjoyable.”

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CNC Programming

“I love my job at IKONICS. My CNC degree from LSC trained me well for this always challenging, high-tech position as a CNC programmer.”

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Administrative Office Specialist AAS

“…I have learned that I have a strong desire to succeed and push myself to do my best to reach my goals.”

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CNC Programming

“I have a four year degree. I worked at a job 25 years. I decided it was time to reinvent myself.”

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Associate of Arts

“The teachers are really amazing here. They all care about their students so much.”

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Network Administration and Cybersecurity

“I chose LSC because of the unique cybersecurity program, the small class size to help me focus, and the reasonable tuition which fit right into my budget.”

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Medical Assistant

“I take care of people one-on-one as a medical assistant. I love to share my compassionate and caring side with both adults and children.”

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A.A. Degree

“I chose LSC because of the reasonable tuition, the soccer program, and I wanted to try a little bit of the snow.”

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Surgical Technology

“Earning my CNA and phlebotomy certifications at LSC were the first steps on my medical career path.”

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Aviation Maintenance Technology

“I believe I will be a better pilot if I understand the mechanics of an airplane first-hand.”

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Nursing classes are pretty difficult. You definitely have to put work into it. But it shows when we pass our NCLEX at 98% pass rating.”

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Medical Administrative Secretary

“LSC’s medical administration program teaches you very practical knowledge. I apply my training from LSC every day in my job in the clinic.”

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Professional Nursing

“The nursing staff are on the front lines of patient care, communicating up and down the chain of command.”

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Alum, Aviation Maintenance Technology

“I work with my hands at a challenging, well-paying job at AAR, thanks to the retraining I got through LSC’s Aviation Maintenance Technology program.”

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Fire Science and Administration

“If you have a goal for anything in life, give it everything you’ve got and never give up.”

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Alum, Truck Driving

“The LSC instructors took the time to explain and work through different driving situations. The small class size provided more drive time which improved our road skills.”

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Alum, Professional Nursing

“The program is very hard, very rigorous. The faculty are devoted to producing the best nurses in the area.”

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Associate of Arts

“My teachers have been the best. They helped me find joy in learning and my focus in life.”

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Radiologic Technology

“LSC does an amazing job of making sure students come first. Everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand. That really made a difference for me.”

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Medical Laboratory Technician

“I have been fortunate at St. Luke’s to have so many opportunities to improve my knowledge base.”

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Associate of Arts

“I absolutely recommend it [Bridges to Baccalaureate Program] to anyone who is interested in pursuing graduate school.”

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Alum, Professional Pilot

“I credit the aviation community, especially Lake Superior College, in helping me get to where I am today.”

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Alum, Respiratory Therapy

“…now that I have returned to teach I realize even more how LSC faculty set the standard for rich engagement with students and I desire to meet and exceed that standard whenever possible – whether it be on campus or in the hospital.”

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Business and Technology

“I found my niche at LSC. It prepared me for the professional world.”

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Radiologic Technology

“Who knew that breaking my wrist at 13 would lead to a career in rad tech?”

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Message Therapy

“The LSC massage therapy program has been the best educational decision of my life.”

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Alum, Integrated Manufacturing Welding

“There’s extremely high demand for welders…and there isn’t a ceiling on pay with the many different specialties of welding work.”

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Medical Assistant

“LSC’s medical assistant program gives you an overview of the medical field, from the scheduling and record-keeping to working and communicating with patients.”

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Medical Laboratory Technician

“With high demand for med lab techs and scientists, you can pretty much get a job anywhere. ”

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Truck Driving

“My teachers and training at LSC have prepared me for the road.”

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