What does PSEO cover:

  • Any required textbooks or online access codes.
  • Any required materials for the course, including, but not limited to: calculators, software and consumables (i.e., art supplies used during a course)
  • All items must be picked up from the LSC Store to be covered.
  • No reimbursements will be given. Items purchased outside of the LSC Store or purchased from the LSC Store online and paid by credit card, will not be reimbursed.

Returning materials after course end date

  • All required items are the property of LSC and MUST BE RETURNED to the LSC store at the end of the course. This includes all textbooks, materials, supplies and access codes.
    Writing and highlighting in textbooks is allowed and consumable supplies are not expected to be returned. Please verify if items are consumable when picking up from the LSC store.
    •  Items are due for return to the LSC Store during finals week, no later than the last day of finals. It is recommended you turn them in upon completion of your last final exam. (During Fall, you may pick up SPRING semester books and materials when dropping off fall books and materials.)
      • Items cannot be returned after this date.
      • You will be billed for the used cost of the books and materials.
      • A financial and academic hold is placed on your LSC record until the balance is paid in full.
      • You will NOT be able to register for classes or request your transcripts be sent to another school until the balance is paid in full.
      • Bills not paid in a timely manner are subject to the LSC collection policy and may be forwarded to a collection agency for further action.
      • Bottom line: Return your books during finals week!

PSEO does not cover / students pay out of pocket for the following:

  • Equipment and Test fees:
    • The equipment required for a course becomes the property of the student after the course has ended and can be used in the profession. Examples include, but not limited to:
      • Tools for any technical or trade program
      • Clothing, such as scrubs for nursing or hoods for welding or jacket for fire technology
      • NUNA/CNA Test out fee (approx. $195)
    • Any other professional testing services (i.e. TEAS test/CLEP test, etc.)
  • These items are paid for by the PSEO student and do not need to be returned after the course ends.

Tips for books, supplies and online access codes

  • ALWAYS identify yourself as a PSEO student
  • ONLY get books/supplies from the LSC Store
  • You MUST check out at the service desk in the LSC Store, the cashier will ring up the sale to maintain inventory
  • Do NOT pick up your books and walk out, that is considered stealing
  • NEVER enter credit card information on a website for access to anything
  • If you are unsure if your items need to be returned, be sure to ask the LSC Store or the PSEO coordinator before the final return due date
  • Fall semester materials are generally available in the AUGUST timeframe
  • Stay tuned for a special “PSEO Day” or two in August to come and get your books, student ID card and find your classrooms
  • Spring semester materials are generally available in the DECEMBER timeframe
  • Utilize the EZ Book reservation system, it’s fast and efficient
  • See the Store website for more information
  • Coming INTO the Store, be sure to have your most current/up to date schedule printed and with you
  • Consider picking out USED books, as they may have notes and highlighted parts for you
  • Do not pick up/open any books or supplies or use access codes until your schedule is FINAL
  • If you are thinking of dropping a course in the first week, do NOT use the access code or take shrink wrap off books (if applicable)• Try to pick up all books and supplies in the fewest trips possible
  • If you DROP or WITHDRAW from a class, be SURE to return the books/supplies right away
  • Don’t hold on to them until finals week
  • Shipping books and supplies FROM the LSC Store to you is paid for by PSEO but RETURNING books and supplies at the end of the semester is YOUR responsibility, you must pay for shipping costs to return items
  • If mailing back items, be SURE to include your name/contact information and StarID