Steps in the Application Process:

  1. Determine if you meet the academic requirements to apply (class rank)
  2. Complete and send in signed originals of the necessary forms to the PSEO Advisor at Lake Superior College (or your High School Counselor can forward them to us for you.)
  3. Once all application forms and transcripts are received, and if you have not yet submitted ACT, SAT, MCA or Accuplacer Placement test, or did not qualify with your scores you will be choose one of the predetermined testing date and time to take the Accuplacer Computerized Placement test (CPT) at Lake Superior College.
  4. IF you submitted your ACT, SAT, MCA or Accuplacer test scores (with qualifying scores) LSC will determine your eligibility for the PSEO Program.
  5. Once you are admitted you will be invited to attend a mandatory PSEO Orientation and Registration session. You will register for your PSEO classes at this time.
  6. It is your responsibility to discuss with your guidance counselor which courses you need to fulfill Graduation Requirements.
  • Academic Requirements

    Meet with your guidance counselor or home school parent to see if you meet the academic requirements to apply for PSEO at Lake Superior College. The program has the following academic requirements:

    • 10th grade/Sophomores: Must have taken the 8th grade MCA reading test and have met the composite proficiency level of meets or exceeds.
    • 11th Grade/Juniors: Must rank in the 66th percentile or above
    • 12th Grade/Seniors: Must rank in the 50th percentile or above

  • Required Forms and Transcripts

Minnesota State transcripts
If you have attended another college or university (excluding the University of MN) within the Minnesota State system, you do not need to order a transcript. LSC is able to electronically download your transcript after you apply.

Official transcript delivery to LSC
All transcripts must be official. Please allow processing time (2 weeks or more) to take place.

  • Secure / paperless:
  • By mail: Lake Superior College
    2101 Trinity Road
    Duluth, MN 55811
  • In person: Bring in sealed envelope from the institution attended. Do NOT open the envelope.
  • Assessment Requirement

    Potential PSEO students will be required to submit qualifying scores on the ACT, SAT, MCA, Accuplacer, or must TAKE the Accuplacer Computerized Placement Test (CPT) and score at a college level Reading in order to qualify as a PSEO student. If scores indicate a lack of preparation for college-level work, PSEO enrollment will not be approved.

    Beginning in the Fall of 2020, LSC will implement Multiple Measures placement for all PSEO programming.  This means that a student’s ability to qualify to enroll in a course is no longer determined by one individual assessment measure.

Download fillable forms before filling them out. See fillable PDF instructions.