The courses/programs below are not funded by the PSEO program. Students who enroll in courses that are not funded by the PSEO program will be charged out-of-pocket for tuition, fees, books, and supplies. It is the student’s responsibility to check to ensure their courses will be funded by the PSEO program. Please note, this list is reviewed annually and can change from year to year.

General Courses Not Funded

  • Credit by exam/prior learning assessment
  • Any courses during summer session
  • All Intercollegiate Athletics (Soccer, Trap, Cycling)
  • Field trips requiring overnight stays (Boundary Waters Trips, etc.)
  • Independent Study Courses
  • Remedial Courses (numbered less than 1000)
    • MATH 0950/0955/0970/0980/0982 and READ/ENGL 0950/0955
  • Study abroad /global studies courses GS 1200/1210

Specific Courses Not Funded

  • ART1500: Digital Photography I
  • ART1510: Digital Painting I
  • ART1520: Digital Graphic Design I
  • ART2500: Digital Photography II
  • CIS1412: Web Graphics
  • FIRE1408: Firefighter I & II
  • FIRE2511: Company Functions
  • FIRE2512: Fire Fighting Tactics and Strategies
  • HPER1236: Boundary Waters Experience
  • MUSC1160: Applied Music
  • MUSC1170: Applied Music – Intensive Study

Programs Not Funded

(Courses with these department/prefixes are not funded. Exceptions are noted)

  • ADN Courses (Nursing Program)
  • AVIA Courses (Professional Pilot and Aviation Management Programs)
  • DENH Courses (Dental Hygiene Program)
  • ELEC Courses (Commercial and Residential Wiring)
  • ELTN Courses (Commercial and Residential Wiring and Industrial Controls Program)
  • EMT Courses (Emergency Medical Technician)
  • MEDA Courses (Medical Assistant Program)
  • MLTN Courses (Medical Laboratory Technician Program)
  • MTP Courses (Massage Therapy Program)
  • NUPN Courses (Practical Nursing Program)
  • PTA Courses (Physical Therapy Assistant Program)
  • RADT Courses (Radiological Technology Program) Note: RADT1402 is allowed
  • RESP Courses (Respiratory Therapy Program)
  • SURG Courses (Surgical Technology Program)

**NUNA courses will require student to purchase the required SCRUBS (approx. $40) and TEST OUT FEE ($275)

**Welding courses will require student to purchase the Welding Kit (approx. $250)

**Aviation Maintenance Tech requires students to purchase tools (approx. $1600)

**HPER1206: Weight Control through Walking requires purchase of a specific heart rate monitor ($71.25)