Requirements for accepted Medical Assistant

Due dates shown in your acceptance letter

If you were chosen to participate in the Medical Assistant program, complete the following tasks by the due date shown in your acceptance letter. You must complete these tasks by the due date to be guaranteed a seat in the Medical Assistant program.

Student Services
(218) 733-7601

Medical Assistant Program Director
Amy Ronchi
(218) 733-6831
[email protected]

*Background check

Complete Minnesota Department of Human Services and Federal background study.

*Health exam & immunization record

  1. Schedule a physical exam with your physician
  2. Print the health occupation programs history and physical exam form and fill out the first page before your appointment.
  3. Ask your provider’s office to fill out the remainder of the form at your visit.

CPR / first aid certification

Submit a copy of your current CPR/first aid certification. Please refer to the program guide for appropriate course.

Register for classes

Register for classes. Refer to your acceptance letter for the list of classes to choose when you register.