Training dates prior to 2006 will be considered by petition. Prospective students must provide evidence that their training was equivalent to 2006 training AND that they have maintained skills through ongoing practice as a PT Tech/Specialist.

The LSC PTA Military Bridge program was designed based on military curriculum evaluated from 2006 and forward.  In order for LSC to accept training dates prior to 2006, prospective students need to complete a formal LSC petition requesting this, and provide additional evidence beyond the JST to make the point that your training was equivalent to that evaluated from 2006. Past successful petitions have included recommendations from faculty at Fort Sam Houston and past and current physical therapist supervisors, course materials (syllabi, handouts, etc.) from your training, other academic records, etc. It is also necessary to provide evidence of your practice as a PT Specialist/Tech (or PTA, where grandfathered) since graduation, especially your recent practice experience. This evidence should support where, when, and for how long you have practiced.  Reference letters from PTs who supervised you in post-training practice are best for this purpose, and should include specific dates and practice locations. If you have taken the NPTE and passed (possible in some states) and have the FSBPT score report to submit as part of the petition, this would be helpful, as would evidence of licensure as a PTA (where grandfathered).

Use the:

  1. Print the petition form, indicating “8. Waive Program Requirements” on page 2, and writing in “Accept Training from ____(Year).
  2. Complete  sections A, B and C.  In Section C, please add that you are requesting to accept training dates to prior to 2006.  Attach documentation that supports your request as described above.
  3. Scan and e-mail the petition to Jane Worley at [email protected]; I will complete Section D and send the petition on to the college president for a final decision.