Apply to the LSC Phlebotomy program

After you’ve completed Step 1, apply to the LSC Phlebotomy program. Applications are accepted until program is full. When one session is full, students will be asked to start their program in the next available session.


The Phlebotomy program starts 5 times a year. You may apply to start at any session with openings, however, you must register for courses in the correct order. See an advisor for help.

  • Save the confirmation email you receive after applying. This is your proof of application.

LSC Professional Advisors

We highly recommend you meet with a Health Sciences Academic Advisor as you begin your program and throughout to address any questions you may have and to ensure correct registration order for Phlebotomy courses. 

Background check

If you have been arrested, charged, or convicted of any criminal offense, you should investigate the impact that the arrest, charge, or conviction may have on your chances of employment in the field you intend to study.


Phlebotomy is not an accredited program. After earning your Phlebotomy certificate, you must work for one year to be eligible to sit for the Board of Certification (BOC) in phlebotomy. See the website for the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) for more information regarding the ASCP Board of Certification requirements for phlebotomists. Phlebotomists who become certified may earn more money and some clinical sites require you to seek certification.

Student selection

The Phlebotomy program enrolls 12 students per section. There may be multiple sections offered at the same time. Students who become LSC students and have completed the Math and English pre-program requirements will be admitted to the Phlebotomy program on a first come/first serve basis, as long as there are available seats in the program. In the event there are more students than seats available, priority will be given to students who completed their pre-program requirements first. If your first choice session is full, work with an advisor on registration. Do not register for classes out of order (see the program guide sheet and student planner on the Phlebotomy website). When one session is full, students will be asked to start their program in the next available session.