Lake Superior College provides high quality, affordable higher education that benefits diverse learners, employers, and the community. LSC’s academic, technical, continuing education, and workforce development offerings prepare learners for a rapidly changing global community. Our services support learning, and our partnerships connect the college and its learners to a broader spectrum of community life.

Our mission is characterized by:

  • A strong sense of community
  • Trust, respect, and integrity
  • Personal attention
  • Accountability
  • Innovation and flexibility
  • Life-long learning and personal growth


Lake Superior College (LSC) continues as an area leader of higher education learning opportunities by delivering excellent instruction, innovative programming, and dedicated service in an engaging, comfortable environment. Lake Superior College will excel in student development and community responsiveness.


To accomplish our mission, LSC:

  1. Encourages the free exchange of ideas and beliefs and promotes innovation.
  2. Provides programs and courses that
  • Enable transfer to other colleges and universities
  • Lead to career opportunity or enhancement
  • Enable continuing education and personal enrichment opportunities
  • Prepare students for college-level work
  • Enrich the social and cultural growth of learners
  • Promote ethical and responsible citizenship
  • Provide customized educational content and delivery systems.
  1. Embraces assessment and continuous quality improvement through a college-wide plan designed to measure and improve student academic achievement and institutional effectiveness.
  2. Provides comprehensive student services, student life opportunities, and access to learning resources and technologies.
  3. Is committed to excellence in teaching as reflected in hiring practices, access to fiscal resources and technology, and the provision of professional development opportunities.
  4. Is committed to the integration of general education as appropriate.
  5. Establishes collaborative partnerships.

College Values

The Lake Superior College community affirms the worth and dignity of each individual and promotes equity of access and opportunity. These principles form the foundation of our values.

LSC values accessible and lifelong learning opportunities.

To support this value, the College:

  • provides a comprehensive educational program
  • emphasizes general education outcomes across the college
  • provides personal and professional continuing education
  • promotes professional development
  • provides resources and delivery systems that improve learning, increase access and promote lifelong learning

LSC values equity and diversity.

To support this value, the College:

  • provides support services to assist students in meeting their educational and career goals
  • provides supplemental support services for students with identified needs
  • provides equal opportunity in education and employment
  • supports understanding of cultural diversity

LSC values the pursuit of excellence, innovation and initiative.

To support this value, the College:

  • has established standards of performance
  • adheres to assessment practices designed to improve student academic achievement and institutional effectiveness
  • is committed to continuing dialogue with its external constituencies
  • promotes and supports initiative and innovation
  • promotes and supports a high quality of education

LSC values a sense of community.

To support this value, the College:

  • offers student life opportunities that enrich the educational experience
  • is committed to assessing needs in the region and within the student body to ensure continued services that meet the needs of constituencies
  • has established a governance structure for shared decision-making
  • cooperates with other educational systems
  • sponsors activities that enrich the community
  • fosters an environment of trust, equity, compassion and respect

LSC values academic freedom and free inquiry.

To support this value, the College:

  • encourages the free interchange of ideas and beliefs
  • promotes innovation and initiative in the classroom

LSC values integrity.

To support this value, the College:

  • adheres to standards of financial accountability and disclosure
  • is committed to ongoing accreditation for the institution and its programs
  • encourages ethical decision-making
  • articulates its relationships with other educational institutions
  • supports the responsible stewardship of its resources

LSC values all its stakeholders.

To support this value, the College:

  • participates in partnerships with business, industry, labor, and government agencies
  • participates in partnerships with other educational systems
  • facilitates entry into and transfer from Lake Superior College
  • offers flexible use of the college facilities, personnel, and services