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Lake Superior College Integrated Manufacturing Workforce Labs Predesign

The current manufacturing program is offered in a remote, downtown campus. We have largely outgrown the leased space, which needs renovation and upgrading and poses challenges including transportation, parking, safety and overall access. This project would allow us to relocate those programs to main campus enhancing the academic program, improving the student services and support, and reducing operating costs.  

Goal: Move the manufacturing programs offered at LSC’s downtown campus back to main campus (Trinity Road) to enhance program with modernized space, better serve students with enhanced connections to support services, housing and other academic and student services programs, relinquish leased space downtown saving at least $165,000 annually on operating costs, recruit and retain increased number of integrated manufacturing students to continue to address regional workforce shortages.

Project Details: Renovate 27,900 of square feet into state-of-the-art manufacturing, welding and electronic labs. Add 12,360 square feet for machine tool lab. By relocating the current downtown manufacturing campus to main campus, we are enhancing the academic experience for students in the program by providing better access to student services such as the library, tutoring and learning center, student life activities, and auxiliary services which are all located on the main campus. With a private-development housing project in the works near campus, this would also help alleviate the transportation and parking issues associated with the downtown campus. This project also locates the manufacturing programs next to related electronics programs paving the way for a new Robotics and Automated Manufacturing program. The project accomplishes all these goals while reducing operating costs. The project will also address the following:

  • Create state-of-the-art labs for machine tool, welding, electronics, civic technologies, and CAD programs
  • Update technology to better meet student and industry needs
  • Relocate LSC’s copy center to allow better management of deliveries
  • Address significant electrical and mechanical deficiencies
  • Save the college budget $165,000 annually

Need: Manufacturing remains a growing industry in Northeast Minnesota. DEED data shows 2.5% job growth since 2010 and expects at least 3% growth in the next five years. Job placement among LSC grads in most manufacturing related programs is at or near 100%. With the increase in workforce demands, LSC has been working closely with industry partners and has increased the marketing, recruitment and overall promotions of these programs and associated career opportunities. Enrollment in manufacturing related programs has been steadily increasing since 2013. As an example, the Intro to Integrated Manufacturing Course went from 18.93 enrolled last fall to 37.33 this year, an increase of 97.18%.

 Thank you for your support and advocacy in helping us make Duluth and Lake Superior College the premier manufacturing training destination in the upper Midwest.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact Daniel Fanning, Vice President of Advancement and External Relations,


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