Student Orientation Accuplacer and Registration (SOAR)

The SOAR session is where you will complete all the final steps needed to get started at LSC. You can expect to spend up to four hours on campus when participating in SOAR. If you are not required to complete the Accuplacer, your time on campus will be shorter. The earlier you participate in SOAR, the better selection of classes you will have. What to Expect:

  • Introduction/presentation: This informative presentation will help you understand key policies and resources you’ll need to succeed as a student at LSC.
  • Accuplacer Placement Testing: You may be required to take the Accuplacer Placement Test during your SOAR session (please refer to the blue accepted student checklist in your acceptance packet to see if you’re exempt from this step). Exemptions may include: Accuplacer scores through LSC or another institution within the past two years, ACT scores of 21 or higher reading, and/or 22 or higher in math, or completion of appropriate college level writing or math courses. If you need accommodations, please contact Disability Services at 218-733-7650 or MRS/TTY 800-627-3529.
  • Individualized advising session: An advisor will sit down with you and go over your course plan for your first semester, explain your degree requirements and help you make sense of your placement test results.
  • Registration for courses: You’ll learn how to register for classes using our online registration portal (e-services). When you leave you will have your course schedule for the upcoming semester.

On campus sessions for Spring 2016 and Summer 2016 are available starting in November. Registration for these sessions is open now. Click “REGISTER” below to sign up for an orientation session. If you are planning on taking classes next fall, registration sessions will be available in April 2016, please check back.


An online SOAR option is available for experienced transfer or returning students who are exempt from the Accuplacer and for those students planning on taking online courses exclusively.

Online SOAR

Testing Preparation & Assistance:

Placement Testing Help

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